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Oil and Gas Companies

Satellite Communications Devices are Imperative for Oil and Gas Companies


If you’re overlooking an oil drilling platform, chances are you’re out somewhere in a remote location where a faulty reception signal can leave you virtually stranded. Let’s face it, we rely on frequent communication in this day and age of abundant information, so it’s important to stay communicated when necessary – and that’s for most of the day!
This is why reliable connectivity is absolutely necessary when working on an oil drilling platform. If you’re a worker, you’ll definitely need a means of communication with your superior, and vice versa. The overseer of the operation also needs a means of establishing communication with headquarters. Now while typical smartphone and laptop devices may be the go-to device when in need of communication, they can and will let you down. This is especially true when the location you’re in starts experiencing extreme weather conditions that hinder the connectivity abilities of conventional smartphone and laptop devices.
Let’s say a raging storm causes massive damages and injuries on an oil platform you’re overlooking – how will you establish emergency contact with headquarters when that very storm is hindering your phone’s ability to capture decent reception?


This is why we at Satcom Connectivity offer state-of-the-art satellite-based communication devices. Choose from a wide range of products, from satellite phones to portable Wi-Fi terminals, all harnessing the power of low-orbit satellite constellation-based networks. These networks are easily reachable by their corresponding devices from any part of the world – from the most desolate deserts to the most extremely-located polar regions. The devices themselves are built to last – their robust design ensures that not only they stay unscathed while experiencing extreme weather, but that their ability to establish contact remains unhindered.


Readying satellite-based communications devices for your oil/gas drilling operations is easily the responsible thing to do. They can not only save your operation, but also save a worker’s life. After all, a fast response is the best reaction to an emergency situation, and a fast response is best yielded by proper, stable communication that’s ready and available at all times.


Check out our extensive catalogue on these fantastic satellite-based communication devices on our website – you won’t want to miss out on getting them!