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Staying Connected In the Media

Make Sure Your Media Platform Stays Connected On The Go


Personnel in media groups have it hard – they’re always in need of quality broadband communication which allows fast data, streaming and/or voice-based communication. On top of that, media personnel are no strangers to the field – media group vans are always on the move, cameras out, ready to capture the moment while the reporters on the field stand by, ready to perform their duty.


This line of work cannot be performed without an adequately established connectivity terminal – mobile routers and modems operating on ISP-provided networks are known to fail, especially when on the move. In addition, smartphone devices connected to default 4G networks don’t always perform as expected, especially when faced with harsh weather conditions.


Thankfully, we at Satcom Connectivity offer top quality satellite-based communication tools that are:


  1. Easily deployable
  2. Provide M2M connections with speeds over 500Kbps
  3. Based on their corresponding satellite-provided network, meaning that connectivity is stable
  4. Compact – can be taken anywhere
  5. Robustly build – all our portable broadband terminals on offer are dust resistant, and in addition are built to withstand heavy weather conditions
  6. Provide connectivity to more than one user at a time
  7. Do not yield overpriced charges for data usage – they’re reliable devices providing fairly-priced broadband connections


In addition, we at Satcom Connectivity provide the world’s most sought-out satellite-based phones with unparalleled reception strength, robust designs made to defend them from harsh weather conditions and battery life of over 100 idle hours and 8 talking hours.


So if you own a media company in need of fast, reliable communications at all times, or are working in a media group in need of deployable broadband terminals which enable unparalleled communication for the whole team, think of Satcom Connectivity.


Check out our Website and see our extensive catalogue on satellite-based communications devices. We offer top quality satellite phones and broadband terminals made from trusted satellite connectivity brands such as Iridium, Thuraya, Cobham and Hughes. Our devices use their brand’s corresponding satellite network, which means they can establish connectivity or contact with an individual in even the most remote places on Earth.


Connect your personnel the right way with Satcom Connectivity!