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Hiking and Adventure

Hiking and mountaineering is one of the most pleasurable pastimes for all age groups. Who doesn’t love gradually conquering a mountainside while enjoying the crisp clean air and pleasant weather?  
Seasoned hikers and mountaineers alike will tell you that as enjoyable as the hobby is, it can present a fair bit of difficulties. Those difficulties can range from mild to extreme, however they usually boil down to harsh weather conditions due to the extreme altitude. Sometimes the physical challenge hiking presents can weather even the hardiest hiker down and force them to rest.

As a hiker in action, once you stop moving you’re certainly going to be after some rest. This is the perfect time to replenish your energy and contact your loved ones with your smartphone device to let them know that you’re okay – let’s face it, hiking has been proven to be a potentially dangerous activity, so checking in with your loved ones while practicing it is something every proper mountaineer does.

This is almost always the moment when you find out that your trusty smartphone doesn’t have sufficient reception to establish a call. Your first, most natural reaction may be panic and/or anxiety – how are you supposed to contact your loved ones and tell them you’re ok? Better yet, if you’ve been misfortunate enough to become stranded, how are you supposed to contact anyone at all if your smartphone’s antenna is too inadequate to establish a call?

This is why we at Satcom Connectivity offer the finest satellite communication devices known to man – devices that will never fail to establish contact between you and your recipient, no matter where you are.

We offer the finest quality satellite phones powerful enough to make contact with recipients even if you’re thousands of miles above sea level, or even if you’re thousands of miles in open seas.
There’s no area remote enough for our satellite phones – their sturdy design and impeccably powerful antenna allows them to pierce radio-waves through even the most isolated area and make their way to a recipient’s communication device, no matter where they are in the world.

We offer Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya brand satellite phones, so you have quite a wide range of models to choose from. All of our phones come with a full set of gear and equipment for them, including chargers, handsfree, adjustable antenna and so on.