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Staying Connected Mining

Satellite Communication Devices Could Save a Miner’s Life


Mining is easily one of the hardest jobs out there – not only is it physically demanding, but it’s also presents workers with a frightening life hazard statistic every work day of their lives. Mining underground poses a number of initial threats, with the most prominent of them being the possibility of getting caved in underground. This leaves the individual(s) virtually stuck under the ground, and the deeper they’re in the harder it is for conventional communication devices to establish contact with the outside world.


Let’s face it, mobile operators can sometimes not be able to deliver quality reception in normal circumstances, so trying to establish communication with them while stuck underground may leave one completely isolated.


Thankfully, satellite-based communications devices exist as lifesaving tools in scenarios such as the aforementioned one. Even if you’re miles deep underground, a quality satellite phone from trusted manufacturers such as Thuraya, Iridium, Cobham and Hughes can easily establish contact with the outside world and save your life.
That’s right – a quality satellite phone can determine whether you’ll be stuck isolated in due to an unfortunate mining accident, and by extension determine whether you’ll be saved in time or not.


The way these ingenious devices work puts conventional smartphones to shame – these devices are armed with strong antennae capable of harnessing the powerful network established by their corresponding satellites. The Thuraya-brand satellite phones, for example, harness the power of Thuraya’s constellation of over 50 low-orbit satellites. These satellites put out radio-waves powerful enough to break through kilometers of earth and reach even the deepest underground depths.


Get yourself a lifesaving satellite phone today – check out our website for a full catalogue of satellite-based communication devices. They’ll certainly come in handy to help you out of a sticky situation!